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Brookhaven Arts Festival!!

I know I promised sunshine at the Avondale Autumnfest two weeks ago, and I was sadly 🙁 so very wrong.  So…..I am keeping my day job as a metal person and not a weather person! Despite the gloomy sky, people and pups came in droves and it was quite a success.   So….., if I haven’t lost you with my unfortunate weather reports, please join Wendy Morton and me as we participate in the Brookhaven Arts Festival this weekend.  Information may be obtained at the following link: http://brookhavenartsfestival.com/ Hoping to see you in the... read more

New Website Launch!!!

Welcome to my website www.dfcmetalarts.com! It am so pleased to share areas of interest with my readers.  You may expect to see posts about upcoming events, art fairs and festivals, new work “out of the fire”, as well as gallery events and news of artistic accomplishments – mine and others.  Also included might be articles, silly photos, quotes that I love, or favorite memes. Taking a deep breath of courage, I will include my own learning curve (that means mistakes and regrets – let’s keep it honest here) and more of an artist’s bio. Explore my new site From my website you may navigate easily to my jewelry Facebook page  as well as to my ETSY page. There are also links to the Women’s Resource Center and Arts Clayton Gallery.   Clicking on the icons will take you there. My love affair with jewelry design began during a random course in metalwork while in my MFA studies at Southern Illinois University.  There were huge interruptions in productivity after the degree, but metal was the medium that kept calling.  I absolutely love banging, playing with fire, and seeing metal transform magically – OK, it’s science, but it seems magical to me. This website would not have been possible without the work of Yvonne Wilhelmi of Creative Design Drop, LLC  (www.creativedesigndrop.com) .  In addition to her awesome technical talent, Yvonne is the answer to a prayer for this cyber challenged artist.  She is a wonderful cheerleader, responsive to questions and agenda, patient and understanding, and an outstanding teacher.  Thanks so much, Yvonne. Please check back often.  I am looking forward to writing as well as banging and torching!... read more

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