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I have committed to donating 20% of the proceeds from sales to support the mission of Backstreet Community Arts in Newnan, Georgia. 


Backstreet Community Arts exist to provide a safe, welcoming, creative environment to anyone who may benefit from the healing powers of art and community. Our mission is to reach out to anyone and everyone who may not be aware of or have access to the healing power of art: those who have experienced trauma, illness, or grief, veterans, at-risk teenagers, disabled adults, homeless and low-income individuals who cannot afford art classes, and anyone who wants to practice art in a comfortable, non-intimidating atmosphere. Backstreet is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. We believe that Art Saves Lives.


My family was shattered by an act

of family violence in 2007.

The death of my daughter Rachel at the hands of her husband furthered our commitment to supporting community resources dedicated to improving lives touched by violence, trauma, and mental illness.

Rachel was a talented dancer whose life tragically ended too soon.

I hope to honor her as I support Backstreet Community Arts both as a volunteer and through my sale of jewelry. With your purchase, be assured that your piece was made with delight, purpose, and dedication. I hope for a time when beauty and peace replace fear and violence.

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