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In our current world, human connection is often fleeting and broken which results in

suffering and pain. As a registered art therapist and clinical social worker for nearly 40 years, Dottie’s entire career is the creation of a safe place for psychological work through visual symbols and words. In this space and through her professional connection, individuals create thriving, vibrant, renewed connections to their world. Since 2017, she volunteers at Backstreetart in Newnan, Georgia (www.backstreetart.org). She works with people as they create meaningful objects

and forge new and lasting friendships. Creativity in a loving human community is magic. 


Her personal jewelry portfolio is full of connections and components that support and link one to another. Whether soldering wire to sheet metal, forming ear wires, headpins, clasps, and quirky chains, it is simultaneously a concrete experience and a metaphor for connection in general. She joyfully wields fire with a torch and hammers textures and forms with strength and purpose. Her hope is that you, too, will find a personal connection with these pieces which are both adornment and sculpture.  When the work leaves her studio, it is no longer hers - it is a link to you. She considers this an honor.


 Please also take a moment to read about her mission,

as it is an important part of the meaning of her work.

Dottie Cohen - Owner, Designer

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